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This is where your soul has been guiding you.

If you've landed here, chances are you are ready to

  • release stress and tension from your body

  • experience more freedom and equanimity than you previously thought possible

  • deepen your spiritual practice

I am here to guide you on this sacred journey.
Stressed Woman

Do you experience daily anxiety?

Have you done the internal work

and still feel stuck?

Welcome to the solution you have been searching for! I know, I know. You might be thinking "yeah right, I've already spent so much money on supposed solutions, only to end up disappointed." 

I totally get it. There are a lot of other programs and products out there that claim to make anxiety magically disappear. I know because I've tried them all and ended up with a lot less money and the exact same level of anxiety. 

I can say with absolute confidence that this program is different. The practical tools and techniques I will guide you through will change your experience of life and get you actual results.

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I help people heal from what is holding them back and step into a new way of being. I know what it is like to live with daily anxiety. I continually searched for relief and I am overjoyed to have finally found the tools and techniques to permanently release painful memories and limiting beliefs. I now consistently feel more space and freedom in my body than I even knew was possible.


If you want to:

  • Wake up in the morning without anxiety

  • Feel more ease in your body

  • Be more present for yourself and
    your loved ones


  • Deepen your spiritual practice

  • Experience more joy


Then you have found your way to the right place!

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What My Clients are Saying
What My Clients are Saying

Cindy in Michigan

I am truly grateful for my sessions with Michelle. She lovingly guided me with her wisdom and compassion in bringing to light some deep seated issues that were at the root of my insecurities, frustrations and self-doubt that I was continuously experiencing. I was having trouble making decisions and choices without consulting others and I was too afraid of listening to my inner being for guidance. Working with tools and techniques I learned from Michelle, I realized that I am more than capable, that I am indeed, the only person capable of making the right decisions for myself and that if I work with my body, mind and spirit as one, I will make the choices that are right for ME. During my sessions I learned to forgive myself for having feelings of guilt and inadequacy and I learned to love and accept myself for being the wonderful person that I truly am. It is an amazing feeling to acknowledge and release past experiences for being just the past. This work connects the mind, spirit and body to uncover how our thoughts and beliefs affect not only our actions, but our physical health. When you acknowledge and release past experiences that cause negativity, you find that your body has been holding on to these experiences as well. It is a great relief both mentally and physically to let yourself feel worthy of love from others but more importantly yourself. Now when I am faced with a trying circumstance or difficult decision, I look within. I get in touch with my body, my mind and my spirit, knowing that I am worthy of love, self-respect and self-worth and I make the decisions and choices that are best for me. I would recommend working with Michelle to anyone who seeks to find release from negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and those who want to experience healing of the mind, body and spirit while realizing that it is your inherent right as a human being to be filled with love, self-worth and peace.

What My Clients are Saying

Carla in Virginia

Michelle has a very safe and gentle yet powerful way of holding space for the deep work that we were doing.  I felt like we were completely in the work together, never feeling apprehensive or unsafe. The process is an empowering way to find unconscious blocks in the body, often times that I didn't even know were there. I was able to completely let go of a few beliefs and their energies, allowing me to feel lighter and free to be myself. Now I can be in my endeavors without all the stress! This work is really applicable to anyone who is interested in living with less stress and limitation.

What My Clients are Saying

Eva in Mexico

Michelle has a really calming presence and I felt really supported in working with her - it was almost like therapy, but with actionable steps I could use in my daily life! Michelle has a great way of breaking down what's really going on, so you can get to the bottom of triggers that seem to come back again and again. It's like having a roadmap to your inner traumas, you can finally connect the dots between triggers and figure out why certain ones keep coming up, and have a process to clear them. I don't have to stew in the same feeling all day or week anymore.  This work is for anyone who has repeated triggers that come, (even when everything in your life is possibly going well, like in my case), back over and over again. For me this looked like anxiety and overthinking things, and constantly questioning my worth. If you feel like you want to just stop understanding your triggers and trauma logically and want a system to actually stop and get rid of them - this work is for you.

What My Clients are Saying

Abbey in Wisconsin

Michelle is absolutely wonderful and I cannot imagine getting to the better place I am at without her calm, reassuring manner and tools! Michelle helped me peel back the layers to heal from pain and deal with things I thought I had already dealt with but hadn't fully. I appreciated that the tools get at the heart of the pain/issue very quickly and you start feeling relief quickly. This work is great for anyone needing to resolve stress, anxiety, inner pain or just wanting to be in touch with themself more fully. You just need to be open and receptive to a different way of doing things! Over the coarse of several sessions, you look inward deeply and then use tools to get in touch with that part of yourself and work with your mind and body to speak to that.

Contact Me

Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to working with you!

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